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Top Destinations! Daily Tours From Tirana

Day Trip to Ohrid and St. Naum! EVERY DAY

Ohrid Daily Tour! Visit St. Naum Monastery! North Macedonia

EVERY DAY at 8.30 a.m! Our first stop is Elbasan castle, where we see it's walls and the neighborhood that is a mixture of old and new buildings. Then we drive to Ohrid old town UNESCO and we start our visit from the fortress of Samuel, to the Academy complex Plaoshnik, church of Saint Sofia, the church of St. John the Baptist. Then we drive in Galichica National Park to arrive in St. Naum Monastery, situated in a picture perfect spot over Lake Ohrid UNESCO. After the visit we cross the border to stop at Drilon National Park where we can enjoy some free park, near Pogradec, on the shores of lake Ohrid. Then we head back to Albania to head back to Tirana. Keywords: tour of ohrid, north macedonia; day trip to ohrid and saint naum monastery; tirana daily tours;
Day Trip to Shkoder and Kruje! EVERY DAY

Shkoder Daily Tour! Explore Mrizi i Zanave! Visit Kruje!

EVERY DAY at 8.30 a.m! First of all, we drive to Shkodra the most important city of north Albania, set in front of the lake with the same name. We will take a walk in “Gjuhadol” a pedestrian area of Italian and Austrian architectural influences. Then visit the Marubi Museum (master photographer of the end of 19th century) which houses an exposition of old prints. Shkodra is the Illyrian capital in the 3rd-2nd centuries B.C. Visiting Rozafa castle we will not only experience the supremacy of the Illyrians over their enemies, but we'll also admire breathtaking views 360 degrees. we suggest lunch at the Agro-tourism “Mrizi I Zanave” between Shkodra and Lezha. The we drive to Kruje, centre of Albanian resistance against the Ottomans under our National Hero, Scanderbeg. He kept the Ottoman armies from crossing into Western Europe for 25 years, thus earning the title “Athleta Christi” awarded by the Pope. We will visit the Skanderbeg Museum and a rich Ethnographic Museum with items from the end of the 18th century. Finally we make our way through Kruja’s famous Bazaar full of traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. we spend some free time there, then drive back to Tirana. Keywords: tour of shkoder and kruje, mrizi zanave ; daily tours in albania; trips in tirana every day;
Day Trip to Prizren, Kosovo! Kantina Arberi Wine Tour! EVERY DAY

Visit Kosovo! Daily Tour of Prizren! Explore the Alps!

EVERY DAY at 8.30 a.m! In the morning we drive to Prizren, going through the Northern mountainous are with beautiful panoramic views. We arrive in Prizren, Kosovo to visit the old town. Prizren is the most touristic and most beautiful town in Kosovo, with it's Sinan Pasha mosque, catholic cathedral, the Slavic orthodox church, the old bazaar, the stone bridge and the “love locks” bridge. The most important place in the town for the history of the Albanians is the house of the League, where they got together to coordinate their war for freedom in 19th century, the was which resulted in the freedom of Albania in 1912. On our way back we visit Arberi Winery (optional) in Mirdite for a tasteful wine tour. Keywords: day trip to prizren; daily tours in kosovo; tour of prizren from tirana;
Day Trip to Berat and Roshnik Wine Tour! EVERY DAY

Berat Daily Tour UNESCO! Explore Roshnik Village!

EVERY DAY at 8.30 a.m! We drive to Berat passing by Elbasan and Dumre region. Berat, known as the city of 'one-thousand-and-one windows', is a treasure of Albanian history and culture. The three major neighborhoods of the old city are Mangalemi, Gorica, and Kala where the castle itself is located. We visit the 'Kala', the Museum of Iconography 'Onufri' (Optional), the Red Mosque, St. Trinity Church. We can have optional lunch in a restaurant with traditional cuisine (at extra cost). Then we visit the Mangalemi neighborhood and the National Ethnographic Museum (Optional). Across the Osumi River lies the Gorica neighborhood, the arched bridge of Gorica, built in 1780. Enjoy some free time. Then we drive to Roshnik village to have a wonderful rural experience, have a tasteful organic lunch and enjoy an amazing wine tasting at Alpeta local winery. In the evening return to Tirana. Keywords: day tour in berat; trips starting from tirana; wine tasting in roshnik village; alpeta winery organic lunch; best tours in albania;
Communist Tour of Tirana and Durres! Visit BunkArt! EVERY DAY

Visit Post Communist Tirana! Explore BunkArt 1! Tour of Durres!

EVERY DAY at 8.30 a.m! Explore the communist center of Albania, Tirana. Learn about the harsh late years of the town, under the regime of leader Enver Hoxha. Get to see a real bunker! Hear how people were imprisoned for talking the truth, or saying something bad about him. Tirana is one of the most beautiful capitals in Balkans, with its newly renovated city center. We will visit Scanderbeg Square, the ministries buildings, Bunk’Art 1, the Pyramid of Tirana, the Check point, the “Blloku area”, museum “House of Leaves” and many interesting places around the lively town. Then we drive to Durres to visit the old part of town, the amphitheater built in the 2-nd century A.D, ancient Byzantine walls of the 5-th century A.D and the seaside promenade "Vollga". in the evening return to Tirana. Keywords: visit bunkart the communist antinuclear tunnel; visit tirana in one day; day trip to durres; ancient amphitheatre of durres;
Day Trip to Gjirokaster and Apollonia! EVERY DAY

Explore Gjirokaster UNESCO! Visit Apollonia Ancient Ruins!

EVERY DAY at 8.30 a.m! Gjirokastra is also known as “The city of Stone”, interesting architecture with its extra large houses with stone rooftops UNECO heritage town (approx. 3 hour drive.) Check-in at a hotel situated in a typical town house. Visit the Ethnographic Museum (communist dictator Enver Hoxha’s birth house) and the Skenduli house (it’s one of the most beautiful and special houses of the region – its 42 doors and 62 windows are only some of the elements which have impressed visitors we’ve brought here!) we’ll visit the Castle of Gjirokastra, its Weapon Museum and the former prison of the Castle Traditional dinner with local specialties – try the qifqi (rice balls!). On the way back, if time permits, we visit the ruins of one of the largest ancient towns in Albania, Apollonia. Octavian Augustus has spent the best days of his life in this city. Keywords: daily tour of gjirokastra; trip in gjirokaster and apollonia; daily tours in albania; culinary experience in old bazaar; apollonia ancient ruins in albania; unesco sites;
Day Trip to Vlore and Karavasta Lagoon! Explore Kanine! EVERY DAY

Visit Vlore and Lungomare! Breathtaking Views from Kanine Castle! Explore Karavasta Lagoon!

EVERY DAY at 8.30 a.m! Discover the fascinating history of Vlora as we visit Muradie Mosque, constructed by Architect Sinan, the most famous Albanian architect in the Ottoman Empire, then we visit Kanine Castle, where besides its important history we see breathtaking views. After we visit Kuzum Baba, one of the spiritual places of Bektashi order (Mystical Islam). Then we explore the beautiful "Lungomare" seaside promenade. In the afternoon we explore Karavasta lagoon, take a wonderful boat tour at the lake for birdwatching, especially to see the Flamingos among other beauties. Keywords: visit the albanian riviera; daily tour in vlora; trip to kanine castle; boat trip in karavasta lagoon, divjaka national park; best tours in albania;


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